Glen R Perry and Adrianna J Perry – Tenant Damages

Glen Perry and Adrianna Perry rented a home from us in 2014 in Rockledge, Florida.


The original lease was from November 1, 2014 through October 31, 2016.


Glen contacted us in July 2016 noting that him and his wife were having some personal problems and they had to break the lease. We were understanding with the situation until we saw the damages and the debris left behind.  In addition, they also did not pay rent for the month of June.


Below is pictures of the house and how they left it.

Glen R Perry and Adrianna J Perry also did several things that would have caused a breach of lease. With no approval, they put up a large above-ground swimming pool in the backyard and also a blow-up hot tub.


This is a list of damages and repairs that were required:

  • The house smelled very badly of dog.  Required extensive work to rectify the smell.
  • Dog poop was noted on the floors of a few rooms
  • Candle wax was embedded on the tiles and grout in one of the bedrooms.
  • Swimming pool had to be removed
  • Blow-up hot tub had to be removed
  • Large amount of trash and junk left behind throughout the house
  • A large amount of pavers were placed in the backyard that had to be removed.
  • Colored sand was placed below the pool which required removal
  • Exterior lawn maintenance was not well-kept
  • Two interior doors had holes in them and required repair
  • Two door jambs were busted and required repair
  • The ceilings appeared to have smoke damage and all of the ceilings needed re-painted
  • All of the trim and baseboard required re-painting
  • The entire interior of the property needed re-painted and several holes filled
  • The handle to the refrigerator was broken off and required replacement
  • Two windows – one in the master bedroom and one in the back bedroom – required replacement. We noted of a very small crack in a window in the kitchen but these two windows had very large cracks and were duct-taped.
  • New closet door was needed in a bedroom due to a very large hole in the door
  • Mini blinds were removed from the house and seven new blinds were needed
  • Two ceiling fans were not working.  They were given a credit on a month of rent to purchase and replace but this was never completed


Below is a material list of items that were needed to put the house back into a move-in ready state:

  • Two interior door knobs
  • Two ceiling fans
  • Ten gallons of interior wall paint
  • Five gallons of white ceiling paint
  • Two interior 24″ doors
  • One 60″ sliding closet mirror door
  • Seven mini blinds
  • Two door jamb kits
  • New handle for the refrigerator
  • Two new windows


Cost of materials: $924.63


The total cost of labor was $2,580.97


A security deposit equal to one month of rent was kept, which effectively paid for the month of rent they were behind.  Late fees Therefore, the total cost we incurred out of pocket was $3,505.60


We would not recommend renting to Glen Perry or Adrianna Perry as future tenants based on how they left the house, the month of unpaid rent, and the breach of lease by putting in a pool and hot tub in the backyard.