Jaleen Irizarry and Michael Clarysse – Tenant Damages

Jaleen Irizarry and Michael Clarysse rented a home from us from December 2013 through December 2016 in Melbourne, Florida.  The lease was not renewed at the end of the term.


In the beginning, the two were paying rent on time. However, by April 2014, rent payments started getting behind. From April 2014 until May 2016, rent payments were equally late as they were on time.


After the May 2016 period, Jaleen Irizarry kicked Michael out of the house (which she had no right to do since they were equally named on the lease). Upon this happening, the rent was late every month and only about half of the rent was paid.


We were understanding of Jaleen’s position and she indicated that she would get caught up with working extra hours at work, especially with her starting a better-paying job around the same timeframe.  However, it never occurred. We held out for as long as we could, especially since they were tenants for three years.


At the end of December 2016, the tenants were a little over three months late on rent. In addition, the tenants never moved water and trash services to their name throughout the lease, so they were reimbursing us monthly for this cost. This also resulted in four months of water and trash service not being paid (since it was billed a month behind).


In mid-November, a Three Day Notice was delivered with the full amount of rent due. We also informed Jaleen Irizarry that we would not be renewing the lease because of the situation and informed her she needed to be out by December 7th. In the end, she moved out of the property by December 9th but left furniture and other belongings behind.


However, the damages to the house were extensive.  Pictures below show the condition of the home as it was left to us.


Below is a list of damages that need remedied:

  • Complete re-painting of the entire house due to crayons, markers, holes, and other damages
  • Ceilings needed re-painted.  A great deal of dust was throughout the house, leading us to believe the AC filters were not changed per our automated monthly e-mail notifications
  • Several rooms required additional priming of the walls before painting
  • Removal of stickers on the walls
  • Floor thresholds between bedrooms were all damaged
  • Laminate flooring in all bedrooms required complete replacement
  • Closet organizers in the bedroom closets were damaged
  • Baseboard and trim damages throughout the house
  • Large amount of debris / trash removal
  • All bedroom doors were damaged and hinges almost falling off
  • Damage to overhead lights in the house with the glass globes missing
  • Lawn maintenance with at least a month of no care or mowing
  • Major cleaning on the inside of the house including appliances
  • Countertop damage in the corner

Material list:

  • Interior doors
  • Caulking supplies
  • Five gallons wall paint
  • Two gallons white semi-gloss paint
  • Five gallons wall primer
  • Three floor thresholds
  • Tile flooring supplies, grout, thinset
  • Baseboard and trim

Total cost of materials was $XXX.XX (coming soon).


Cost of labor to repair everything applicable to tenant damages was $2,900.00 (approximate – updated total coming soon)


Total rent and utilities that were left unpaid was $2,892.44


We would not recommend renting to Jaleen Irizarry and Michael Clarysse based on the following:

  • Payments were equally late as they were on time
  • Significant damage to the interior of the property
  • Property maintenance was not maintained as per the lease (HVAC filters, lawn)
  • Junk and debris was left behind